Does your Child have a Food Sensitivity?

10 Signs Your Child Has a Food Sensitivity

1. Stomach aches

2. Constipation and diarrhea

3. Fatigue, joint pain, and muscle pain

4. Frequent infections, especially of the ears and throat

5. Skin irritation and rashes

6. Behavioral issues

7. ADD/ADHD or other problems with concentration

8. Unexplained weight gain or loss

9. Frequent bed wetting

10. Autism Spectrum Disorder

Please don’t ignore or rationalize these symptoms away!  Get to the bottom of what is going on with your child.  Eating a whole food diet is one way to start.  There are also elimination diets, blood testing, stool tests, etc. to see what is bothering your child (or you!).


Food Guilt?

Do you ever feel bad for making healthy food in your home or sending healthy snacks to school for your kids to eat?  I know that may sound weird, but I totally suffer from this Parent Food Guilt Syndrome or PFGS (I am creating a new diagnosis!  I can do that right?)

There are times I say to myself, “I am being crazy…it can’t hurt them to have popcorn, juice boxes, cupcakes, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches…they will survive, I did”.  But the truth is, why would I feel guilty when i have spent  time, money, and preparation making others food that supplies their growing bodies with the nutrients it needs because it’s not what “the neighbor” is eating next to them. I shouldn’t feel guilty for that!  I should feel guilty for giving them the unhealthy foods that makes up the STANDARD AMERICAN DIET.

So many days, I feel pressured to just “give in” and just let the kids be kids, order the kids meal, drink a pop, buy a candy bar, or eat everything at a birthday party.  I question myself about thinking about what they put in their bodies so much.stress

It really doesn’t affect them that much?

I have come to the conclusion that it does affect them “that much”.  With my children, I see them break out with rashes.  I also experience the hyperactivity that comes along with many of the foods.  As much guilt I may feel or PFGS I have, it is more unfair to expose them to foods that wreak havoc on their bodies and then get mad at them for being out of control.

So I say, LET’S END PFGS!  Feel proud of the healthy food choices you make for your family!  Enjoy finding and creating new healthy foods and getting rid of the old ones that are built on sugar, corn, soy, gluten, and dairy! Cherish the time you spend on making and sending healthy food choices! BANISH PEER PRESSURE TO DO THE EASY THING!.  Think about your food, personal care products, cleaning products, and pick ones that are the healthiest for your family!

How to have an Oily Day!

What is an oily day?  Well, an oily day is a day when we use essential oils in many different areas and aspect of our lives.  We have begun to experience great benefits from using these in our lives.  We see better moods in our children, pleasant smells and aromas, deeper sleep, and increased immunity.  So….where does it start?

Our day starts with diffusing Young Living’s Thieves during breakfast preparation.  This is to help increase our immunity as we send our children to school and ourselves to work.

Thieves-Oil-5We will also add 1-2 drops of Young Living’s Lemon Essential oil to a glass (always a glass container) of water to get the morning started.  This helps to detox the body.  HOW WONDERFUL!

As we get ready to go to work, we take 1-2 drops of Young Living Purification oil and use under our arms as a deodorant. It smells wonderful and works better to stop smell then many natural deodorants we have tried.

Purification-essential-oil-banner Next, when the children arrive home from school (and have a snack) we diffuse lemon oil.  This helps with memory and concentration as they sit and do homework. Always important to help the children to do their best in any school work situation! We also use the lemon oil to clean in our home.  We add it to a spray bottle and use to cut grease and fingerprints all over the house… smells awesome too.lemonwithpeel

Finally, after dinner, as the day is winding down, we either diffuse Young Living Peace and Calm oil or place it in the bath.  This oil helps to ease the family into a peaceful sleep and calm mood for the evening.

peace-calming-picHope you can experience an OILY DAY soon.

How to stay healthy in the cold/flu season?

This is a question that I struggle with each year.  It seems that going back to school starts illnesses in our household.  We have to daily be caring for ourselves and helping our bodies to fight illnesses.  Some ideas that we use are sleep (going to bed about the same time every day and waking up at the same time.  We also put the children to bed before 8 pm!), dry brushing, essential oils, and “flu caps”.

The essential oils that we use come from Young Living.  I especially like the Thieves blend to help with illness or keeping illness away.  We have also used Oregano oil, which is great on the bottoms of the feet to help fight infection.  Peppermint oil is great to help with fever by rubbing into feet and belly button.

Finally, the flu caps.  I found this in a book called “Digestive Wellness for Children”.  There was a small box in the book with this recipe on it.  It comes from “The New Healing Yourself” (Crossing Press, 1989).

1 t. slippery elm

1 t. cinnamon

1 t. goldenseal

1 t. cayenne pepper

Mix together in a bowl.  Fill size -00 capsules with the power, using a chopstick to tamp down,  Take one to two capsules every two to three hours as needed.

September seems like the perfect time to make some up and store them for when that illness strikes!

What do we eat?

The biggest question that we get from people is, “what in the world do you eat?”  It seems to hard for people to believe that it is possible to have great, nourishing food without corn, wheat, pasta, cakes, and packaged food.  It is amazing how many wonderful foods are out there to eat if you are open to redefining what you put on your plate.  It is even harder for people to understand when we talk about feeding our children the same way….that seems to boggle the mind – it’s unnatural to keep the kids from Twinkies, Pop, and candy, right?  Our children (ages 2, 5, and 7) eat what we eat and love it.  Here are the guidelines we use on a daily basis:

What is OK to eat (pick organic whenever you can):

All veggies

All fruit

All grass-fed, organic meat

Eggs – always organic, pastured

All nuts and seeds

Raw Honey (in moderation)

Stocks or broths (ideally making them yourself is the best)

Butter, olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, flax oil, etc.

Coffee, tea, and full-fat milk (if you can tolerate dairy then raw milk is ideal)


 This does take a lot of work and preparation, but it is well worth the time and money!

Welcome to Our Site

We are happy to have started this new site called, “Redefine Wellness“.  Our goal is to bring people information to help them take control of their lives and health.  Making changes is very hard and scary, but there are many people out there working hard to do that very  thing.  We want to help give ideas and goals to people that want to live a Well Life!  Enjoy!